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...the sound quality and musicianship is among the best in the dulcimer world !”

— Stephen Seifert review of "Three Wire Choir"

This is the homepage of Gary Gallier, performer, teacher, and luthier. Currently you will find information about Gary Gallier, The Gallier Brothers, their recordings, Gallier dulcimers and ongoing instruction. As this site grows, it will serve to promote all aspects of fretted dulcimer playing and building, but with a strong emphasis on innovation in both disciplines. I plan on regularly updating this site with new TAB and calendar changes, so check back often...and yell at me if I don't !  I hope you enjoy it and thank you for visiting.
(update)  I no longer have a searchable land line.  If you need to contact me by phone it's Area Code Four One 7. 83 Nine One 0 3 Three

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See Cross Key Scales in Instruction.  
With the 1.5 fret it is rare that I have to use a capo or retune to play if several different keys.  This is how you do it.

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This 5 part string quartet style song, " Upstream", composed by Les Gallier, is an ensemble arrangement, with strings by the incomparable David Wilson, but also with two dulcimers.   It's an example of one dulcimer tuned DAA and one tuned dAD, and two different playing styles.    Les plays the main Melody fingerpicked in DAA, and I play the second dulcimer flatpicked in dAD.  To help you differentiate the two,  my parts consist of high counterpoint harmony (part A) lower register chord back up (part B)  high chords and counterpoint harmony (part C) straight low harmony to melody (part D) and high chords with harmonics (part E).   The two tunings do work well together.   Enjoy !

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Black Mountain Music Festival

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Blue Ridge Assembly, 84 Blue Ridge Assembly Drive, Black Mountian, NC 28711

Wow...another great lineup ! Blue Ridge Mountains...beautiful. Check out their site at: https://www.blackmountainmusicfest.com/

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