I have MANY workshops that I've developed over the past 35 years, from my trademark studies in Flatpicking and Crosspicking, to study in Chords and Chord Melody style, Blues, Boogie, Creative Composition, Playing Accompaniment, Using the 1.5 fret, Alternating Pick Style, Changing Keys without capo or re-tuning, and Repertoire in Celtic, Waltzes, Duets, Bluegrass, Jazz, Old Time, Contemporary and Original Compositions.   Skill levels generally start at Advanced Beginner, with the most in the Intermediate and Advanced.  I can give an hour workshop on a subject, or a more extensive week long type program.   I have a lot of workshop descriptions saved from past festivals, and I will be soon be working to list them here as examples.  The site is still a little under construction so check back.  Lots to do !